Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad Blogger...

I am such a bad blogger. Work has been very busy – which is a good thing but I am totally slacking on posting, commenting and reading blogs. I just want everyone to know that I am still following your stories. I guess I also have to apologize for the next three weeks while I am at it. I will be busy trying to get everything wrapped up at work then we leave for our trip. After our trip we both took an extra week off for a nice relaxing staycation! I am going to try to stay away from the computer until I return to work December 13th. I hope when I return there are lots of BFP out there!

On a side note…I now have a daily reminder at work of what I don’t have once again…a coworker just announced she is expecting No. 2. She is due in July so in my calculations she is about 8 weeks along. A little early to announce if you ask me…I guess ignorance is really bliss.

My Company just started an employee interest group…it’s for working families. I guess I am not invited to this one. Oh wait…the flyer said aunts and uncles are invited. Wtf – I will be avoiding this group like the plague.

Happy Thanskgiving to everyone out there...I hope you find lots of joy in this holiday!  Chat with you soon!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Does the RE remember me?

I talked to the IVF nurse yesterday! I have to confess that it was kind of nice…I guess I have missed the people at my REs while on this long break. I now have a plan again and boy does it feel good. All my testing is up to date at the RE. The blood work and saline sonograms are good for a year. I had them all done in March before my last IVF so I am good to go! The only thing that needs to be repeated is a semen analysis for hubby. He was not very excited when I told him that last night. The nurse told me to call when AF shows up in December so I can start my two weeks of BCPs. Knowing my luck AF will show up the last day of December. Not really that big of a deal but I was hoping to be on BCPs in December so when January rolls around (and my insurance kicks in) I can start with injections and monitoring right away. I did ask if I could start BCP after my Nov period but they won’t suppress for that long (4 weeks) and they don’t schedule IVFs or do any monitoring in December. I guess it’s ok for my RE to take the holidays off. I need to realize that I have zero control over this and just go with the flow…hahaha…I will never be able to go with the flow…

On a side note we have a busy weekend planned. Yes – I know it’s only Tuesday but all I can think about is the weekend. Saturday night we are having friends over to watch the ASU/USC game (GO DEVILS) to celebrate my hubby’s 35th birthday! I am still in shock that hubby (with me not too far behind) is turning 35. I used to think of 35 as old…now I think of it as a great age but my RE might beg to differ.

A friend who is coming over Saturday just emailed me to ask if they can bring another couple with them. I responded “of course as long as she is not pregnant” – I was joking of course. I only said this because they were recently married.

Can you guess my friends response? Yep – you guessed it…her friend just found out she is 8 weeks pregnant. Why am I not that fucking lucky?


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