Monday, August 19, 2013

Is it really August?

Umm…I am in shock that Charlotte is turning one next week. They weren’t lying when they said that time flies the first year. I have been busy planning her first birthday party. Here’s a sneak peek…
We are going on our first family vacation in September with my parents. C’s first trip to the beach! We are heading over to San Diego which is a 6 hour drive. Any tips for a long car ride with a one year old or tips on what I need at the beach??? Then in October we are flying to Florida for C’s Great Grandpas 100th birthday. Wondering how a 5 hour plan flight will be with her. I’m excited for the adventures but a little nervous to travel with her. Any helpful hints would be great!
She is now walking…soon to be running everywhere. She is very proud of herself and barley lets me hold her. She is a very busy girl always on a mission - usually it’s to play in the dog bowls. She loves moving their food from one bowl to the next. (She may or may not lick each piece of food as she does this)
Hope everyone is well. I will post first birthday photos soon! Cheers!


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