Monday, November 28, 2011


I guess my December FET is a go!  I started my estrace two weekends ago (twice a day).  My FET will be on December 12th.  Seems so far away but it’s really just around the corner – two weeks from today.  I am excited with a little bit of hope mixed in, but also scared shitless.  We are proceeding with transferring 1 embryo at a time.  There is a part of me that wants to transfer 2 but I should be conservative.  My embryos are frozen in pairs so they will thaw – transfer one then refreeze the other one.  Not an ideal situation but not much else to do.  We are not going to proceed with having our blasts tested because of the hassle of it all.  I would have to call a RE in Colorado (they have the high tech capabilities) and have my frozen embryos transferred and start the process all over with them.  Crazy - not even thinking of the additional cost associated but all the additional time.  I am going to have to have faith that my 4 frozen blasts are of good chromosomal quality.  It’s going to be a long couple of months. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


We spent a wonderful weekend in southern AZ wine country!  The fall festival was going on and we had a blast.  We stayed in Tucson and the winery was about an hour south from there.  We went with another couple who was celebrating their 6 year wedding anniversary! 

Yes - this was really the sign at the turn off!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I have not been blogging much because I don’t really have much to say on the IF side of things. I am waiting to hear from the RE to see if testing our 5 day frozen blasts is a possibility. I have my doubts so I am fully prepared to continue on with FETs without testing them first. I just need to call on CD1 to get that started (~3 weeks). When I talked to the nurse this week she is a little concerned that I will have to wait until January to proceed because my timing for December might fall when the lab is closed for the week. Just my luck.

Have you guys heard the latest with Giuliana Rancic? She and her husband Bill are IF advocates and are public with their story. The last season left off with them heading back to the RE for IVF #3. While we were in NYC I saw a commercial for Good Morning America showing she would be on with a big announcement. I looked at hubby and told him that she was going to announce their pregnancy. Boy was I wrong. She announced that she has breast cancer and they found it because the RE made her get a mammogram before proceeding with retrieval for IVF#3. I was totally shocked and started to cry for her. They still proceeded with the retrieval then last week she had a double lumpectomy and will have 6 weeks of radiation. Needless to say I am now scheduled for a mammogram in December. My hubby and I always talk about all these hormones and what effects they are having on me and now this story scared us a bit. I have no idea if Julianne’s issues are related but why not let her story help us and all go get a mammogram.
The latest on Giuliana's story


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