Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MFM Appointment

We met with the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doctor yesterday. (The same guy we met with in September to get the go ahead with our FET.) He kind of remembered us and reviewed our chart. Basically they don’t know the reasons for what happened with Gavin. Did the placental abruption cause the incompetent cervix or were they two separate issues? To be on the safe side they are going to start doing bi-weekly cervical checks starting in two weeks. There is nothing to do or check to see if I will have another placental abruption so I am on restrictions from exercise, running, skiing, ATVing, sex, and any other fun stuff! They might actually put me in a bubble for the next couple months 

There is no reason for these things to happen again but we will proceed with caution. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I’m off to Google the dangers of cervical checks. They don’t want to do weekly checks because there is some risk with performing these checks.

Oh – I won’t get another US until the 18 week anatomy scan. That seems so far away. Thank goodness for the Doppler!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Got my NT results back and its good news! 1-589 for Downs and 1-7000 for Trisomy. I was shaking so bad on the phone that I almost hung up on the nurse! I am so happy for being normal once again!

I also just manned up and told my boss! He was really excited and gave me a hug. His daughter is also due in August.

I’m off to my consultation with the Perinatolgist. I will let you know what they decide to with me!

Monday, February 20, 2012

NT Scan and My Birthday!

I had a fun and eventful weekend! It started Friday afternoon with my NT scan. Everything looked normal and the Squatter was sure giving us a show. Squatter was doing flips and leg kicks the entire time. The tech was having a hard time taking the measurement. Finally she was able to measure the fold at 1.7. Glad to hear the measurement is within normal range. I will get the official results this week sometime. The tech said most likely it will be an automated message with my results – to call the number in a week for my message. They will only call me in person if it’s bad news. Now every time my cell rings with an unknown number I will have a mini freak out!

Squatter measured a couple days ahead of schedule! They sent us home with a 3D video of the Squatter. Usually the 3D images creep me out a bit but I have to admit that I watched it about 10 times this weekend. It’s so nice to see everything moving and working like it should!

Yesterday was my Birthday…the big 36. We had plans to go to dinner with friends on Saturday to celebrate but I feel so crappy in the evenings I changed it to a birthday breakfast! It was fun and I was able to eat. I made everyone go to Cracker Barrel – so yummy! Yesterday was low key – hubby took great care of me and did all our laundry. It was a nice birthday. I managed not to puke until dinner time! A record for me! I will be 13 weeks on Wednesday so I really hope I can start to enjoy food again soon!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Valentines/Birthday gift

My hubby put a ton of thought into my Valentines / Birthday gift this year.  He gave me a charm bracelet.  It totally made me cry.  There is an I Love You charm, a charm with my birthstone and a charm for each of my babies.  The LB is for my first pregnancy, the bear is for my second, the baby shoe with the blue stone is for Gavin, and the baby carriage is for my Squatter.  I totally love this bracelet and my sweet hubby!  He made my day!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Totally Normal

My ultra sound yesterday was totally normal! Something every infertile loves to hear! Baby measured 10w4d with a heart rate of 164. My cervix measured in at 4.1. I talked to the doctor about my morning (all day) sickness - She is not worried since I am able to keep liquids down and take my prenatal daily. I am really hoping it starts to ease up a bit. I am getting a little annoyed living on peanut butter and saltines – I really want a bacon cheese burger!

I meet with the peri in two weeks for my NT scan and to have a consultation to come up with a game plan. The OB thinks they will want me in for weekly cervix checks. This is starting to seem real to me! I know the next couple months will be stressful because of my past history but I will try to focus on this pregnancy and not to let my mind wander too far. Easier said than done…

I hope everyone enjoyed watching the Super Bowl. We stayed home – which is a good thing considering I puked about 5 times during it. Sunday was rough.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Every year hubby and I get screwed on our taxes.  We both have good jobs and don’t have any dependents for tax breaks.  I try to donate which helps and last year I was able to deduct all of our medical expenses.  I was complaining to my friend at work – she is our number cruncher.  As I was talking I noticed a funny expression on her face.  She said “not to be insensitive but you know that you can claim Gavin on your taxes this year.”   I totally didn’t believe her but it’s true.  Any baby born alive (even if only for a moment) that has a birth/death certificate and/or a SSN can be claimed.  Kind of weird to think about but I will take the refund!


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