Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50 Posts + 50 Followers = 50 Random Things About Me

1) I never thought I would have a blog with over 50 posts and 50 followers. Thanks for helping me along this bumpy road.

2) I am the youngest of four kids. My brother is the oldest and then I have two sisters.

3) I have 12 nieces and nephews

4) I can’t believe that I am one of the lucky ones who actually married their best friend.

5) I am thankful that my entire family now lives in AZ

6) I am the worst decorator in the world. I have no idea what matches and what fabrics look good. Hubby has to decorate our house.

7) I would rather sit on my couch watching TV/movies with my husband then go out on a Friday night.

8) I always feel guilty when the cleaning ladies come to our house and I leave to get a pedicure or go shopping. Not guilty enough to cancel the service though.

9) I change into comfy clothes immediately after work

10) I am amazed that I am turning 35 when I still think of myself as 22

11) I wish I could wear flip flops all year round. Wonder if I can get work to change our dress code?

12) I am a closet coin collector. I love ordering coins and going to mints!

13) I really miss my mother in law who passed away over three years ago. We were close and I feel gypt.

14) I love to cook but I am not very good at it. Bless my husband for always eating what I make with a smile on his face.

15) I love reading US Weekly

16) I just started to enjoy exercising again. It feels great to be back in shape and not huff and puff climbing a flight of stairs.

17) My husband loves it when I change my hair style and color. He is always asking me to go shorter or blonder. I guess I should listen to him.

18) I have never bounced a check

19) My favorite colors are gray and brown. You should see my dull colored clothes in my closet.

20) I am usually a very private person. It takes me a long time to warm up to people.

21) I have decided to take my wedding dress and cut it up to make blankets, ornaments, a Christmas tree angel tree topper, etc out of it. No use in saving it and having it take up space in my closet. (this is on hold – I will only do it if I have kids)

22) I can’t walk into Target and not buy something. That store has a special power over me.

23) I have never had or thrown a surprise party for someone

24) I hate driving. Especially at night or long distances. I make a great passenger though!

25) I want to learn how to knit! I bought all the stuff to start just need to figure it out.

26) I used to read all the time as a kid but I just recently found the love of reading again.

27) I have never run out of gas

28) I can change my own tire but I would first call Hubby to do it for me

29) I love iced tea (unsweetened) and honeycrisp apples

30) My sister is my best friend – my mom is a close second

31) I am scared that this next IVF could be the end of TTC

32) I want a new car but can’t justify getting rid of my car. It runs perfectly and has never had a problem and it’s paid off

33) I have a thing for buying winter coats…wouldn’t be an issue except I live in Arizona. Don’t really need them.

34) I think having a tan helps me look skinnier

35) I don’t listen to the radio when I drive – People usually find it odd that I don’t really care about music or that I don’t have it on

36) I am worried that my 18 year old nephew will have kids before I do

37) I love clean sheet night

38) I write lots of lists to keep me organized

39) My favorite adult beverage is a vodka tonic with a lime

40) Fall is my favorite season

41) I dated my hubby in high school for two months – then he dumped me (a story for another post)

42) If I had to pick three of my favorite movies they would be Braveheart, Armageddon, and Airplane

43) My hair is bone straight.

44) I was conceived in Saudi Arabia but born in Colorado – I’m an Army brat

45) I have big lips…so big that I feel like a hooker when I wear lipstick

46) My parents had me “later” in life. My dad was 42 and my mom was 34. That was considered old in the 70’s.

47) I never really liked dogs until we got our puppies. Now I can’t live without them.

48) I will never go back to school for my masters degree. I am not a fan of school.

49) I have small B cup boobies…I will probably get them enhanced after I have kids

50) If we have to be DINKs (dual income no kids) we will probably sell everything and move to Costa Rica. Live the simple life and travel. Why work so hard in Corporate America if you don’t need to.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I kept my IF troubles to myself for the first few years. I was a typical IFer that was embarrassed of my IF. I didn’t completely understand it and was still very naive of the whole process. I only told one of my sisters and two friends what we were going through. Some people knew we were thinking of trying or maybe thought we were actively trying but they didn’t know the extent of treatment or what all we were going through.

My mom is insanely very Catholic. So I was a little worried about telling her of our treatments. When our 7th IUI worked we told my parents that I was pregnant around 6 weeks. I am pretty close to my mom so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep it from her for much longer and I really thought it would stick. At that time I told her about all the treatments to date and to my surprise she was ok with it all. She asked questions and seemed genuinely interested. It was a huge weight lifted with everything out in the open. Then I miscarried at 10 weeks. She was very motherly and concerned during the miscarriage. I am lucky that she was there to support me and to make her yummy chicken noodle soup. I decided to keep her vaguely in the loop for the last three IUIs, IVF, and FET. I didn’t share every detail with her but she knew the stress I was under and the high cost of the medication. She has offered their financial support if we need it. I think by offering money it made her feel better – like she was doing something to help me in this helpless situation. I really appreciated the offer.

With all that being said…Here is proof that my mom still has no clue…

Last week she forwarded me an email from my ex boyfriends mother. (Yes – my parents still are friends with my ex’s parents. Our dads are in similar lines of work and they meet with each other regularly. This is my ex from high school. We have been broken up for 15 years. Our parents being friends has not really bothered me or my hubby (I hope). We still live in the same city and have a few mutual friends. About once every two years we might run into him at a bar or football game. He got married about 6 months ago so you can probably see where I am headed with this.) Back to the email…of course it announced the news of them expecting twins and how they are shocked because twins don’t run in their family. I am still a little surprised that my mother thought I cared or thought it was a good idea to send this to me at work. It doesn’t matter whose announcement it is I am never really that happy for a very fertile couple that gets the gift of twins. It always makes me a bit of a mental case when I hear a pregnancy announcement.

I guess I can’t expect people to understand if I don’t educate them. I guess I have some work to do with my mother. Maybe she will never get the emotional end to IF and just keep offering me money. I guess I could handle that.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday

I want to thank the bloggy friend (whoever you are) that sent my last post to LFCA and all the people who commented on it. I still can’t believe I have been TTC for four years now. It still really makes me sad to think about. All week I have been trying to retrain my brain to only think about the future and not to dwell on the past. I have been doing a pretty good job at it. I think planning our anniversary trip has helped. We finally decided on a destination.

….drum roll please….

WE ARE GOING TO ROME!!! I am so excited! I have never been out of the country (Mexico and Caribbean don’t really count in my mind). Once we decided on a destination it took us days to pick a hotel. There are so many flippen hotels in Rome. It’s hard to get a feel for what is nice in our price range (we didn’t manage to stay in our price range – Rome is expensive and my hubby has good taste). Now that we have a hotel booked right in the heart of the city I am getting really excited. I am going to spend this week picking tours and mapping out what we are going to do (hopefully work will be slow so I can plan). We will be there 7 nights!

On a side note we are back on track with our P90X workouts…we had a two week break because hubby has had an awful cough. He is at the tail end of it so I am really hoping to start back up tonight. I didn’t sit on my a$$ for the two week break (even though I really wanted to). I still managed to work out about three times a week. So, with a trip coming up and working out back on track I should be able to keep busy until the holidays! Off to review our budget - Need to save some serious spending money for the trip.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary (Not the Good Kind)

Usually anniversaries are spent with gifts and remembering the good times. Not this one. I am not going to give it any satisfaction. I might drink but not in celebration of this Anniversary.

September marks FOUR (yes…four) years of TTC for us. This statement brings tears to my eyes. It’s been a rough four years. I won’t rehash it here…you can see everything on the side bar.

During September four years ago my Hubby and I were out for a weekend breakfast at Village Inn and he told me with a smile on his face to stop taking my BCPs (we had talked about it previously but he wasn’t ready). I was giddy – so excited I couldn’t believe that after a year of marriage we were ready for children. How naive – I was worried about getting pregnant the first month and was a little scared. Well we all know that it has not worked out how I dreamed.

Now all I can do I look forward and hope not to celebrate the five or six year anniversary of TTC.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Questions for you…

Does the length and flow of your period have anything to do with IF?

The reason I am asking is I have always had extremely light and short visits from AF (don’t hate). This month’s visit lasted 2.5 days and it was light flow the entire time. It’s always been like this for me…some minor cramps - nothing that two Motrin won’t cure. I guess I have always wondered if this is a) normal and b) associated with not being able to conceive. My RE tells me my lining is fine during all my procedures so I am not sure what the deal is. I did ask my sister a while back and her AF is exactly like mine and she has four kids – no problems getting pregnant.

So tell me about your visits from lovely AF!  Time for some girl talk…

(Hubby – don’t read the comments if you don’t want to know about this stuff)


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