Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just checking in…

I am still here trying to keep my lunch down! Work has been very busy, which is a nice distraction. I get home and zone out on the couch until bed time (sorry for the lack of comments – I am reading everyone’s blogs though).

I am trying to stay sane until my next US on Monday. I hit 10 week tomorrow so I get to stop taking the estrace and reduce my progesterone to once a day. I really hope the reduction in extra hormones helps with my morning sickness. I do have a script for anti nausea that I take sparingly during the week to make it though work. It has a nasty side effect of constipation which is no bueno.

I have a Doppler but I think we are going to try to not use it. I might have to break it out this weekend for peace of mind!

Monday, January 23, 2012


We just got back from our ultrasound and everything looks great!  I am 8w5d and measured 8w4d.  I was a day behind at my last US so the growth is right on track.  The heart rate is 176 - so nice and strong.  The RE was very pleased with everything and sent me on my way.  He said he didn't want to see me again until I had a baby in my arms!  I am very happy and throwing up daily is worth it if my squatter is healthy!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


For each of my pregnancies we have given the baby a nickname. For the first pregnancy we called it our “Little Bean” (not very original but hey). So, we lovingly referred the baby as LB for the 10 weeks it was with us. Even now we refer to that pregnancy as LB.

My second loss ended so early that we didn’t have a chance to come up with a nickname so we refer to it as LB2.

For Gavin we referred to the baby as “Costa” until we named him. This was our baby that was going to stop us from moving to Costa Rica so the nickname was fitting. Yes – you heard me…if we have to be DINKs we will probably end up moving to the beach somewhere and finding jobs in a foreign land! We have to have a backup plan! I even bought Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish but that is on the back burner right now. A story for another day or hopefully one that will never happen!

My current baby has been lovingly nicknamed “The Squatter”. I told my hubby that I was hungry one night lying in bed and he made a joke about the squatter stealing all my food and well - it just stuck! Instead of calling the baby “it” we talk about our Squatter! I will evict The Squatter in about 33 weeks!

The Squatter is currently kicking my butt.  My all day sickness is here with a vengeance.  It makes me happy to know that I am sick – I am hoping sick = healthy baby!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I met with my OB and now I have a plan:

Jan 23rd US with my RE 8w5d

Feb 6th US at my OB 10w5d

Feb 17th NT US at the Perinatologist 12w2d

I still need to schedule an appointment with the Peri to discuss a possible cerclage.

I will be here, in my tww, eating saltines if anyone needs me! I hope I didn’t jinx myself by scheduling all these appointments. Trying to think positive but it might kill me.

Friday, January 6, 2012

We have a Heartbeat!

Today's US was good.  Heartbeat was 112 and the baby was measuring at 6w1d.  My calculations I should be 6w2d but I am not going to worry about that and just be thankful that I am pregnant.  I go back in two weeks.  I will call my OB to get on their schedule also!  I hope everyone has a lazy weekend planned like I do!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.  I am really hoping that 2012 is way better than 2011 was to us.  We had a nice NYE celebration with some friends.  I overdid it a bit and stayed up too late!  Which I think caused some dark brown spotting on Monday.  It kind of freaked me out.  I think it’s stopped for now.  I have my first US on Friday.  I am praying to see a little flickering heart!  I have been very hungry and tired and I love every second of it!  It makes me smile every time I feel hungry!  I hope this week flies by for my sanity’s sake!


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