Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Hospital Tour

Yesterday after work Hubby and I were signed up to tour the hospital. I didn’t think it was 100% necessary since we are familiar with the hospital but what the heck – I signed us up anyways. I have to say that it ended up being a very difficult hour long tour. I was not mentally prepared for it at all. As the nurse stared the tour I was thinking “gosh she looks familiar”. Hubby leans over and says that he thought it was one of my night nurses from when Gavin was born. She takes us into the Maternity ward and then into one of the labor rooms. I hesitated in the hallway with tears in my eyes because it brought back so many emotions and memories. It was not the same exact room I was in (it was right across the hall). I actually didn’t know what room I was in but hubby did. It was surreal being back in that familiar room. The nurse then showed us the NICU and area for patients on in hospital bed rest. Then the tour went to the fourth floor rooms where the C-sections patients head to for recovery. The room we visited was the exact room that hubby’s mom spent a month in before she passed. It was hard for me to be in there so I can only imagine how hard it was on him. The tour group then piles in the elevator and the nurse looks at us and says that she knows us. So I had to tell her with everyone around that we were here last summer with a preterm loss at 19 weeks and that she was one of our nurses…I am shocked I made it out of there without actually shedding a tear. My eyes welled up a few times but no tears fell.

This hospital has always taken good care of us and our family members so I would like to deliver Squatter there so we can have one happy memory at the hospital. I know hospitals are not known for their happy memories so maybe just a visit without bad news would do.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 posts in one

1) The nurse called and I kind of passed my glucose test. WTF does that mean? I went in for my 28 week ob appointment last week and asked the doctor. She said I passed three of the four blood draws and gave me a lecture on healthy eating. No more carbs or sugar for this girl. I have been trying to eat very healthy and for the most part I have been successful!

2) My 28 week US went well. Squatter is measuring right on track. They did find that I have excess amniotic fluid. Because of this they sent me back to the MFM to get checked out. There are many different reasons for this and they wanted them to take a look.

3) I saw the MFM yesterday and had another US. (I am starting to think Squatter is a drama queen and really likes her picture taken). Their fluid measurement put me at the high end of normal so it’s gotten a little bit better the past 5 days. Squatter is measuring on track – she is now over 3lbs and has hair! The MFM said the likely cause for the high fluid levels is because I am borderline diabetic and that by watching my diet I can fix this on my own.

4) Our life has been a bit hectic lately. We found out that we qualify to refi our home through the HARP 2.0 program. We have been working on getting that started. By refinancing our house we will reduce our monthly payment by $500! Total bonus!

5) Hubby is switching jobs. He kind of stumbled upon this new opportunity and starts on Monday. I am thankful because the new job has wonderful benefits and he will work less hours. His old job had him working 60-70 hour per week. Now he will only be working 40!

6) With Hubby’s old job he had a company truck. Now we need to buy a second car for us. We have been looking. Made an offer this weekend but the chick backed out on Monday. Back to the drawing board.

7) My parents decided to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary by taking the entire family on an Alaskan cruise. It has been planned since October. My mom always knew there was a chance that I wouldn’t be able to go. She knew that we were going to start trying again in December and that when it worked I would be high risk and wouldn’t be able to travel. They all left this past weekend and are having a wonderful time. I have to admit that I do feel a bit sad to not be with them. I know that I am doing what’s right for me and Squatter but part of me wants to be on the family vacation. They email and text every day but I feel like I am missing out.

Monday, June 4, 2012


I took my three hour glucose test last Wednesday. I am still waiting for the results. The tests were not as bad as some say. Maybe, I can thank my college days, because I can chug down the sugary drink no problem. I kept thinking that mixed with a little Champaign it would almost be like a Mimosa! I go in this Wednesday for my 28 week growth scan! I can’t wait to see Squatter again. She is now getting the hiccups – so cute!

My friends are throwing me a baby shower on July 1st. I can’t believe that I am going to have a baby shower - that means that I am going to have a baby! It is very exciting but so scary at the same time (part of me doesn’t want to jinx anything but I need to get over that thought and just embrace all of this). I do worry about a friend that is dealing with IF and I should email her and tell her that it’s ok if she ditches the shower. I have ditched plenty in my day so I totally get it.

I sent out remembrance cards for Gavin and I am really happy that I did that. I bought the cards that are seeds so you can plant the card and hopefully get some wild flowers. I planted mine two weeks ago and nothing is growing. I am going to chalk it up to cheap seeds and not to my lack of a green thumb. It was the perfect way to remember Gavin on his birthday.


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