Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Does Squatter Need???

What are you favorite / must have baby items?  I would like any and all recommendations from strollers to toys and everything in between!  What are your favorite brands and what could you have lived without.  Please help this clueless soon to be mom.  I have started to work on my registry because my shower will be on July 1st.  I have been asking around for hand me downs but all my girlfriends’ kids are older or they had boys.  I am going to start look on Craigslist for some stuff! 


  1. My girls absolutely LOVED thier swings! We had the fisher price cradle & swing that would swing two ways and had music, lights, and a moving mobile. Also, any type of Snap & Go stroller where the carseat clicks right into the stroller. This enables you to go directly from car to stroller without waking the baby. Also, if you will be using bottles, don't buy too many of one brand. One of my twins would not eat out of the avent bottles. If you will be BFing, spend the $$ on a great pump. I rented the hospital Medla Symphony pump and it was GREAT! (I chose to rent before buying a pump to see if I could actually BF) GL!

    Don't know if I have ever commented before, but I have been reading for a while :)

  2. How exciting to be making your registry! I did a post on this a few months back, so here's that link:


    As for strollers, I live in the city, so bumpy sidewalks and lots of walking for errands, and i LOVE my Bumbleride Indie stroller. Its not cheap, but not the most expensive either, and it has transitioned so well from a stroller that held a carseat to a infant stroller (sitting, but with a big recline) to a toddler stroller (sitting fully up). It can hold up to like 45 lbs, so she will use it for a long time. And it has held up so well to the daily wear I put it through.

    And Halo sleep sacks. The swaddle ones to start and the regular ones we still use. Get the name brand Halo, other brands are not as good as the original Halo sleep sack.

    Have fun shopping!!

  3. my must haves:
    * vibrating bouncy seat
    * lots (and lots) of burp cloths
    * lots of footie pajamas - i didn't have to worry so much about keeping a blanket on them
    * the clip-on hang-down infant toys (Freddy the Firefly was my boys' fave)
    * swaddle blankets (with velcro) - my first son refused to be swaddled. but my second son didn't sleep well without being swaddled.
    * nursing cover

    things I could have lived without...
    * Bumbo seat (though i know some people love it, my boys were never big fans)
    * wipe warmer
    * walker - my kids hated it

  4. Very exciting that you're working on your registry :)

    We got mostly hand-me-downs so a lot of the stuff was older, but worked just fine for us. Like, our swing is an older model, nothing fancy at all, but it worked great early on. V loved it.

    I loved the Halo Swaddler Sleepsacks. V needed to be swaddled early on or he wouldn't sleep very long, he'd move his arms and startle himself awake... so that was a must have for us.

  5. A baby carrier. I love my Ergo. It allowed me to have my hands free so DS could sleep - during shopping trips, cooking dinner etc. I would say this is my #1 item and I still use it.

    Also, I wish I had bought a snap n go stroller instead of a travel system. My stroller took up my whole trunk and at 27lbs was no picnic to get in/out! In fact, FOR EVERYTHING, go as lightweight and compact as you can!

  6. Both of my children LOVED being swaddled. I really like the "swaddle me" wraps over making your own with blankets. They never stay well in the blankets. Summer Infant is our favorite.

    Both of mine also loved the vibrating bouncy seat. It's the only gear item that my son enjoys at all.

    My son loves the Ergo carrier. I like go go out in the yard and/or for walks so this is wonderful. I also use it at the grocery store. He always falls asleep when I wear him. The only thing I don't like about this carrier is it can't be worn with the baby looking out.

    Have fun! Registering is so much fun!

  7. we did a lot of research on the carseat before buying it and the top rated one was the chicco keyfit 30, which is really affordable, too. we got the matching stroller (which converts from snap-in to regular stroller that lays all the way back, even) and it's great. it has shocks and has been great for bumpy walks!

    the swaddlers are a MUST! mack never liked having his arms tucked in, but he loves having his legs all wrapped up.

    for bottles, we got a lot of recommendations for the dr. brown's bottles, which we went ahead and bought. they're supposed to reduce gas/colic. not sure if it's mack or the bottles, but gas has never been a problem for us. they look a little intimidating at first, because they have a couple of extra pieces, but don't be scared off by that, if you do decide to get them. we love them!

    i also love skiphop brand toys. i got the set of 3 birds and they're mack's FAVORITE. the best part is that the noise they make is very soft, not at all annoying.

    have fun registering!!!

  8. * Definitely a bouncer/rocker seat (not sure what you call them over there!). C slept in his for day sleeps until he was about 4 months old.
    * A merino sleeping bag (best thing ever)
    * A good swaddle. Not just the kind you wrap but one that is actually designed for swaddling and is baby squirming proof!

  9. Must haves:
    -Dr. Brown's bottles
    -Bottle warmer
    -A good pump (if you plan on breastfeeding)
    -Swaddle blankets
    -Moby wrap
    Caddy (for diapers/wipes,lotions, etc). That way it's all in one place and you can carry it from room to room.
    -Bouncy seat (such a life saver when you need to shower, you just plop them in it on the floor).
    -Bibs (for when they start drooling like crazy!)

    SO excited for you!!

  10. There are so many things....after reading through everyone's list it looks like they have all the must haves...

    Personally I hate the Dr Brown bottles, but I think it's more from working with them and because they are not a wide based nipple, those who believe in nipple confusion(which I don't) feel they aren't a good match for breastfeeding. I used the born free because that's what Raegan liked. I bought 3 different types in the beginning to try to see what she liked...just one or two of each. I went with the one she liked best.

    A swing...fisher-price now has one that plugs in...definite get that one because batteries aren't cheap.

    Love the Chicco key fit 30 car seat. It has the highest safety rating, or did when we bought them and the stroller to go with. If you have 2 cars, I highly recommend getting the extra base for the other car. They are easy to switch out,but it's just easier if you have one in each car.

    The play mat/gym baby einstein under the sea or something like that. The music box that comes with it is nice and Raegan loves to lay on it and play. It also is great for tummy time.

    Some sort of carrier. I have both a baby bjorn and a moby wrap. Love them both and Raegan loves them too. It's great for getting stuff done hands free. I don't use them for cooking simply because I'm too afraid of accidentally burning her, but for cleaning around the house, dusting and vacuuming and walking the dogs when I didn't feel like using the stroller.

    As far as breast pumps go, I have the medela pump in style and I have rented a classic pump from the hospital. It's nice to have one that's portable. I got the hospital pump because I had trouble in the beginning and well, as an employee, it was really cheap.

    There are websites out there with a quick start registry...print them out and see what you think you need is on them. It's a great place to start especially if you're just winging it. Also check out what other people have on their registries. Sometimes there are things you just didn't think of and when you see it on someone else's it gets you thinking.

    Good luck and so exciting to be registering!!!

  11. Swing is an absolute must.
    Bibs and burp clothes.
    I love our eddie bauer travel system
    an awesome camera is a MUST!!!!

    things you do not need
    bottle warmer (unless you are bfing)
    wipe warmer

  12. I had a swing/bouncy seat it's a 2 in one. It's amazing!. I also love my pack and play that has the baby bed and changing table. love the wipe warmer.. and things I can't live without .. is the Lanaform nose vacuum. This is so much better than the little bulb you get from the hospital. it works amazingly! especially for colds and since my daughter has reflux her nose is constantly stuffy. I didn't use the swaddle with velcro much.. I'd rather use the blankets. I also loved the formula Avent formula dispenser. It is awesome!.. .. if you breast feed make sure your bottle is made for breastfeeding... so the baby doesn't get confused.

  13. Congrats on making your list!
    My cannot live withouts:
    - Aden and Anais burpy bibs- great for spit up
    - the cheap square cloth diapers to use to wipe up spit up. (there's a lot of spit up)
    - I agree with the above poster, don't buy too many of the same bottle, one type we bought a bunch of didn't work for us
    - We bought the graco lite pack and play (it's lighter and smaller than a usual one) and V sleeps in our room in the bassinet
    - bouncy chair as others have stated
    - play mat with toys hanging down
    - The halo sleep sacks (the newborn size has the swaddler) worked great for us
    - A floor mirror
    - Boppy- great for nursing, feeding and a place for baby to "chill"
    - container for the dishwasher to wash bottle parts
    - hand and foot rattles
    - high contrast toys and books with black/ white/ red
    - I agree the nose vacuum is awesome the above poster mentioned

    Congrats on things going so well so far!

  14. Congrats on registering! Things I have used for all 3 kids: Halo sleep sacks, a wrap or carrier (I have a Moby and a ring sling), bouncy seat, Arms Reach Mini Cosleeper (can be used as a cosleeper or a bassinet).

    My mom also bought me a Bugaboo Frog with my first, not cheap but they have lowered the price, and it is like new after 3 kids. Also City Elite makes great strollers, we have their double stroller and it is awesome! (We bought it gently used for half the price!)

    We also stocked up on hats, sleep and play outfits that zipped up, burp clothes and receiving blankets. Oh and a nursing cover! I have a Bebe Au Lait one I love.


  15. I would definitely recommend the Miracle Blanket. We actually only registered for one and then ended up buying an additional two. It's THE BEST swaddling blanket and we've tried them all b/c J is freaking Houdini and manages to break out of everything except this.

    I also bought a Beco Gemini carrier which is great. It's similar to the Ergo but also allows the baby to face front which is great if he likes to look out.

    Congrats!! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to read more updates. :)

  16. Fisher price rock and play.....enough said!

  17. Arms reach clearvue bsssinette/co-sleeper is my absolute favorite baby gear item through two little ones. Both my boys slept in it next to our bed until they were about 3 months old. (now 2 yo and 6 mos) it attached to the bed so it's nice and snug against it and then you can fold the side down. The baby slepps a few inches lower than you do you can see right in, but they can't roll into your bed or vice versa. It makes it so easy to just sit up and grab the baby for nighttime feedings. It has side pockets to hold everything you need for diaper changes, etc. and are within your reach from bed. And a giant compartment underneath for back up supplies. The sides are mesh which makes them see through so the baby has more to see than just blank sides and the ceiling like most bsssinettes. You can also fold up the sides and use it ad a regular bsssinette that you can wheel from room to room. Can't say enough about it! A lifesaver for those first few weeks/months of late night wakings and feedings. I never got out of bed!

  18. First time commenting... Snuza Halo is something I couldn't have survived without. I would not have slept a wink without it. Babies R Us website has great reviews to read. It's pricey but if it prevents the worst due to SIDS, it's worth it. We stuck to the real basics for baby so I felt okay splurging on that.

    And, a good ring sling - any will do - I wore my baby all day for the first 3-4 months, and she pretty much never cried. Hands free baby snuggling, and you can nurse them in there too! All the politics of baby wearing aside, it really did make life SO much easier!



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