Monday, June 4, 2012


I took my three hour glucose test last Wednesday. I am still waiting for the results. The tests were not as bad as some say. Maybe, I can thank my college days, because I can chug down the sugary drink no problem. I kept thinking that mixed with a little Champaign it would almost be like a Mimosa! I go in this Wednesday for my 28 week growth scan! I can’t wait to see Squatter again. She is now getting the hiccups – so cute!

My friends are throwing me a baby shower on July 1st. I can’t believe that I am going to have a baby shower - that means that I am going to have a baby! It is very exciting but so scary at the same time (part of me doesn’t want to jinx anything but I need to get over that thought and just embrace all of this). I do worry about a friend that is dealing with IF and I should email her and tell her that it’s ok if she ditches the shower. I have ditched plenty in my day so I totally get it.

I sent out remembrance cards for Gavin and I am really happy that I did that. I bought the cards that are seeds so you can plant the card and hopefully get some wild flowers. I planted mine two weeks ago and nothing is growing. I am going to chalk it up to cheap seeds and not to my lack of a green thumb. It was the perfect way to remember Gavin on his birthday.


  1. I am so happy that for you. 28 weeks means you are getting close! How exciting! I am sorry your seeds didn't grow. I have planted things like that before and they never grow for some reason.

  2. I'm glad you survived the 3 hour test. I didn't mind the drink so much as the numerous blood draws. :( How exciting that your shower is coming up! You totally deserve to be pampered at a shower.

  3. 28 weeks - awesome!!! I loved the hiccups when I was pregnant. Alex got them every day - it was so fun feeling her little rhythm. And she still gets them, almost every day, which reminds me of when she was in my belly. Enjoy your baby shower - how lovely!!!

    Sorry your seeds didn't grow - I definitely think it's due to cheap seeds...

  4. I have heard that test sucks. I am glad you powered through it and hope it comes out negative.
    I haven't planted my card (that I got when the twins were born), but plan to this summer. I hope something comes up...we shall see!

  5. hi mommabear - congrats on 28 weeks!! sorry have been mia, but i have been reading all along and cheering you on. *fingers crossed* for good results from the glucose test!! xoxo.

  6. Wow, congrats on 28wks! Hope for good news on the glucose test. I am so happy things are going well.

    (*hugs*) on Gavin's remembrance, and about the seeds not growing. I still think it was a beautiful way for everyone to remember him together.



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