Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My husband has resorted to lying to me…

When I ask how I look, he says beautiful even though I know I am all puffy and have dark bags under my eyes

When I ask how moody I have been lately, he tells me that I have been an angel

When I show him my swollen fingers, he tells me they look perfectly normal

When I snore like a chainsaw and keep him up all night, he tells me that he didn’t even notice

When I freak out about maybe getting a take home baby girl, he tells me that I will be a great mom

When I eat cereal every night for dinner, he tells me that he doesn’t mind that I have not cooked dinner in months

I love this man…he is the best husband and will be an amazing father soon!


  1. he sounds like a perfect husband and you definitely deserve him! this post makes me so happy. y'all are going to be AMAZING parents!

  2. What an amazing husband!!! So happy for you that you have such a great guy to stand by your side!

  3. So happy for you guys. :) I'm sure you do look beautiful! And that sleepless nights and cereal are a very good trade for a baby.

  4. Aww, my hubby wouldn't quite be that kind I don't think. You are a lucky girl.

  5. Awww. My husband wasn't so gallant about the snoring! It disappears really quickly though.



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