Friday, July 1, 2011

Queen of Everything

or so my new award tells me. Okay, not everything, but I do get to make three rules "insert maniacal, evil laugh" (and they're so awesome they better stick!).

Carla over at The Stork Drop Zone gave me authority to put my power to use for the good of mankind, (check out the rules here.) so here it goes...

rule #1: High heels no longer hurt your feet! You can wear them all day and they feel like you are walking on memory foam!

rule #2: You get promoted for working hard and doing a good job. No more politics in the work place. None of this who you know Bull$hit. (I guess with this new rule I should get back to work and stop blogging).

rule #3: You will look like a model in every picture taken of you! No more of the red eyes or funny expressions. Now you never have to worry about the pictures people post on FB - you will look marvelous!

~by the power invested in me as the Overloard, I bestow this award on my fellow bloggers, because, well...I'm just dying to know what your rules will be!


  1. Great post! I really like Rule #3!!!

  2. nicely done! i think we should spread the word about #3. maybe it really will stick! :)



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