Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Got my NT results back and its good news! 1-589 for Downs and 1-7000 for Trisomy. I was shaking so bad on the phone that I almost hung up on the nurse! I am so happy for being normal once again!

I also just manned up and told my boss! He was really excited and gave me a hug. His daughter is also due in August.

I’m off to my consultation with the Perinatolgist. I will let you know what they decide to with me!


  1. Great news! I haven't gotten results yet because my perinatologist doesn't tell you anything until after the 16 week bloodwork (that they did monday) unless the 12 week is very bad. I'm guessing it should be within a week?

    So proud of you for telling your boss! It's hard and weird to tell people, because will they really get what you are feeling?!?

    Will be watching for the perinatologist update.

  2. Wonderful news. I am interested to see what the MFM says.

  3. Excellent news!!!! That's awesome!

    Good luck with the peri!

  4. What wonderful news! So happy for you!



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