Wednesday, September 22, 2010

50 Posts + 50 Followers = 50 Random Things About Me

1) I never thought I would have a blog with over 50 posts and 50 followers. Thanks for helping me along this bumpy road.

2) I am the youngest of four kids. My brother is the oldest and then I have two sisters.

3) I have 12 nieces and nephews

4) I can’t believe that I am one of the lucky ones who actually married their best friend.

5) I am thankful that my entire family now lives in AZ

6) I am the worst decorator in the world. I have no idea what matches and what fabrics look good. Hubby has to decorate our house.

7) I would rather sit on my couch watching TV/movies with my husband then go out on a Friday night.

8) I always feel guilty when the cleaning ladies come to our house and I leave to get a pedicure or go shopping. Not guilty enough to cancel the service though.

9) I change into comfy clothes immediately after work

10) I am amazed that I am turning 35 when I still think of myself as 22

11) I wish I could wear flip flops all year round. Wonder if I can get work to change our dress code?

12) I am a closet coin collector. I love ordering coins and going to mints!

13) I really miss my mother in law who passed away over three years ago. We were close and I feel gypt.

14) I love to cook but I am not very good at it. Bless my husband for always eating what I make with a smile on his face.

15) I love reading US Weekly

16) I just started to enjoy exercising again. It feels great to be back in shape and not huff and puff climbing a flight of stairs.

17) My husband loves it when I change my hair style and color. He is always asking me to go shorter or blonder. I guess I should listen to him.

18) I have never bounced a check

19) My favorite colors are gray and brown. You should see my dull colored clothes in my closet.

20) I am usually a very private person. It takes me a long time to warm up to people.

21) I have decided to take my wedding dress and cut it up to make blankets, ornaments, a Christmas tree angel tree topper, etc out of it. No use in saving it and having it take up space in my closet. (this is on hold – I will only do it if I have kids)

22) I can’t walk into Target and not buy something. That store has a special power over me.

23) I have never had or thrown a surprise party for someone

24) I hate driving. Especially at night or long distances. I make a great passenger though!

25) I want to learn how to knit! I bought all the stuff to start just need to figure it out.

26) I used to read all the time as a kid but I just recently found the love of reading again.

27) I have never run out of gas

28) I can change my own tire but I would first call Hubby to do it for me

29) I love iced tea (unsweetened) and honeycrisp apples

30) My sister is my best friend – my mom is a close second

31) I am scared that this next IVF could be the end of TTC

32) I want a new car but can’t justify getting rid of my car. It runs perfectly and has never had a problem and it’s paid off

33) I have a thing for buying winter coats…wouldn’t be an issue except I live in Arizona. Don’t really need them.

34) I think having a tan helps me look skinnier

35) I don’t listen to the radio when I drive – People usually find it odd that I don’t really care about music or that I don’t have it on

36) I am worried that my 18 year old nephew will have kids before I do

37) I love clean sheet night

38) I write lots of lists to keep me organized

39) My favorite adult beverage is a vodka tonic with a lime

40) Fall is my favorite season

41) I dated my hubby in high school for two months – then he dumped me (a story for another post)

42) If I had to pick three of my favorite movies they would be Braveheart, Armageddon, and Airplane

43) My hair is bone straight.

44) I was conceived in Saudi Arabia but born in Colorado – I’m an Army brat

45) I have big lips…so big that I feel like a hooker when I wear lipstick

46) My parents had me “later” in life. My dad was 42 and my mom was 34. That was considered old in the 70’s.

47) I never really liked dogs until we got our puppies. Now I can’t live without them.

48) I will never go back to school for my masters degree. I am not a fan of school.

49) I have small B cup boobies…I will probably get them enhanced after I have kids

50) If we have to be DINKs (dual income no kids) we will probably sell everything and move to Costa Rica. Live the simple life and travel. Why work so hard in Corporate America if you don’t need to.


  1. I loved reading all of these things about you. And I have to say that I've thought the same thing about moving to another country if we have to be DINKs. I'm still trying to convince my husband!

  2. Knitting fascinates me, but it scares the crap out of me... too confusing, lol. I crochet, it's simpler.

    It's good to get to know you better :)

  3. Amen on #50!! So I have to see an upclose face picture to see these hooker lips! That is hysterical!

  4. I love your list! I agree 100% with #50.
    I plan on doing #49 when I'm done having kids or have decided to pursue adoption.
    12 nieces & nephews! Holy crap. I've got 6 and 2 more on the way and I thought that was a lot!

  5. 35 is the new 22, didn't you know? :)

    p.s. i hope the only time you're visiting costa rica is when you're taking your lil on on a vacation.

  6. I LOV your list! I can relate to soo many of them. I swear, if we met in real life, we would be great friends! Congrats on 50 posts and 50 followers. Cheers to many more to come!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    I hear ya about the car, I love my car, I want a new one, but i just can't bring myself to get rid of my car.

  8. Those are great! Yay for 50 followers and 50 things about you!

  9. Wow, I have 142 posts and only 44 followers. You sure are popular! ;) Either that, or I'm just a lame-o!!! LOL! :)

  10. 1. Fall is my favorite season.
    2. I love that you love dogs now!
    3. I have almost 500 followers and I will never do a list of 500 thing(I might lose them all if I tired;-).
    4. People pay a whole lot of money to have lips like yours.
    5. I will never forget my last round of IVF.
    6. Like you, I much prefer a night at home with husband than to go out.
    7. Love this post!!!



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