Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Questions for you…

Does the length and flow of your period have anything to do with IF?

The reason I am asking is I have always had extremely light and short visits from AF (don’t hate). This month’s visit lasted 2.5 days and it was light flow the entire time. It’s always been like this for me…some minor cramps - nothing that two Motrin won’t cure. I guess I have always wondered if this is a) normal and b) associated with not being able to conceive. My RE tells me my lining is fine during all my procedures so I am not sure what the deal is. I did ask my sister a while back and her AF is exactly like mine and she has four kids – no problems getting pregnant.

So tell me about your visits from lovely AF!  Time for some girl talk…

(Hubby – don’t read the comments if you don’t want to know about this stuff)


  1. Well, I envy you! My periods have always been long and heavy. For me, the length and flow of my period does relate to IF, since it's what first tipped doctors off that I had endometriosis. But I'm not sure what a very light, short period might mean for IF. Hopefully someone can offer insight.

    By the way, did I already say that I envy you?! :)

  2. I have longer cycles, 33 days, and the RE said this had nothing to do with IF. Not sure about the short AF though.

  3. My have varied. When I was pre-TTC, I was on BCP (oh, the irony! so much wasted money and worry there!) so my periods were short, 3-ish days, light. Off BCP, but pre-IF interventions, it was maybe a smidge heavier, maybe a day longer. On all the hormones, it varied widely. Some months heavy, long, some months barely anything at all. And then they got very heavy and clotty, and it turns out I had a fibroid, which caused the change. So all over the place, really. I think as long as the docs are seeing a lining over 8-9mm around ovulation, you are fine.

  4. Mine have always been pretty light. Two MAYBE three days. Not sure there is any correlation to IF, unless you are completely irregular then it could be pretty difficult to time ovulation.

  5. My cycles have always been very light and lasts about 3-4 days. It's been a while since I had a period on my own. It was always induced for IVF.

    It sounds like your sister has light cycles too so you are 'normal.' :)

  6. I don't know--I've certainly heard that light periods can be an indication of something problematic, but if your RE says your lining is good...I say you're just a lucky girl! Mine are four days, one light, two HEAVY with passing out bad cramps, one light. (I also had fibroids--but since they've been removed, not much has changed.)

  7. my re doesnt think that the length of flow has much of anything to do with IF. I envy you though, I have now been on my period for 14 days and counting.



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