Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Wait

So, my nurse just called. She will be emailing my protocol for the FET cycle by Thursday and scheduled my FET for May 18th. That seems really far away - my CD 1 was yesterday. I was thinking the transfer would be around May 6th or so. I guess they know best and maybe I will understand it better once I see the email from the nurse.

I am just so sick of waiting. I feel like that is all I ever do. I would love to plan a fantastic trip somewhere like NYC or Hawaii but I don’t want to spend any money until we decide what our treatment path will be. If this FET works then we can go on a trip but if it doesn’t then we will need the money. I guess I will keep waiting…

My hubby owes me one so maybe he will plan a weekend getaway soon!


  1. I feel the exact same way....I am so tired of waiting!! We are wanting to plan a nice 7 night beach trip but we have to wait and see if we get pregnant...ugh!!

  2. Oh honey, you get a degree (a Masters at least!) in waiting as an IF patient. Everything takes longer than it should and you life remains on hold. I hear you on that one! My FET prep was almost a month - so I don't think it is that odd to have it be so long.

    Hang in there!

  3. Thanks...that is good to know. I don't know why I was thinking the FET would be on CD14 like the IUI's are. I guess it give me more time to pray!



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