Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Bit of History

Holy cow – I can’t believe that I actually clicked the “create Blog” button. I have been a luker on your blogs for well over a year now. I guess I decided it was time to start jotting down our journey.

Here is a little bit of history…I married the love of my life in November 2005. After a wonderful first year of marriage we threw out the BCP and blissfully started TTC. Little did we know what a journey we were starting. Through all the ups and downs my love for my husband has grown. He is such a strong man and my best supporter! I think he will even share this blog with me! He is the funny one so his posts should be entertaining!

My DH and I have been TTC for three + years now. We are both 34. The first year was spent not really tracking anything – we were just seeing what happens and having fun doing it. Well, nothing happened! We have been tested and my DH has low morphology. I tested fine. We have been through 2 IUI’s and 8 FSP’s. A FSP is just like an IUI except they shoot the swimmers closer to the eggs by overflowing your tubes. The 7th time was a charm and it worked but I miscarried at 10 weeks in June 09 – we were devastated. My body took a couple months getting back to normal then we started again. We tried a couple more FSP’s and I got a BFP in December 09. At my six week US there was nothing there - another miscarriage. This one was a little easier to handle since it was at six weeks instead of ten. We had to wait for my body and hormones to level out then we started IVF #1 in April. I did the standard three weeks of BCP then on to the meds. I responded fairly well and ended up with 14 eggs retrieved, 11 mature, and four perfect day 5 embies. They transferred two AAA embies but I got a BFN. I am now waiting to get my period so I can start the FET cycle. They told me to stop the progesterone gel and lozenges but to keep taking the estrogen. But they said to stop taking the estrogen vaginal and start orally. That seems a bit weird to me but I have to assume the Dr knows what he is doing.

We have always joked that if these treatments don’t work then we will just be DINK’s…Dual Income, No Kids. It’s now a scary thought…what if these treatments don’t work. Then we might have to face that we might actually be DINKs. I am not sure how to comprehend that yet. I am going to focus on this month’s FET and not think of what might be if we get another BFN.

BTW – I am a huge fan of Acupuncture now – I have been seeing great results with the cycles when I added it! Hugs to everyone!


  1. finally got bitten by the blogger bug!!! Looking forward to following your journey!

  2. Hi! Welcome to the bloggy world! Once you'll never stop! Good luck at your FET - my fingers will stay crossed for you and me both!

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog from Fearlessly Infertile. Welcome to the IF Blogging world. I'm sorry to hear about your losses and struggles. We're DINK's too. I'm praying that we won't stay that way for too long, but it's been a long road. I look forward to following your journey.



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