Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Empire State of Mind

So - my DH has been working his cute tush off at work. They are finishing up a big project this week (insert happy dance). He is pretty burnt out from all the overtime he has been working. He told me that he was planning on taking the first week of August off to relax and recuperate. I will probably take a couple days off with him which will be wonderful. The best part of the conversation was when he said that he will use his other two weeks of vacation in November. This means that I might be getting my NYC trip after all. He has been down playing it saying that we have other things to be spending our money on (blah blah blah) but obviously it’s on his mind! Keep your fingers crossed that I will get my 5 year wedding anniversary trip in November! I have not been to NY since I was a kid…I barely remember the City. Now I just need to figure out when we will do our next IVF - Should I try to fit it in before the trip or after? I don’t really want to travel with shots…I know it can be done but what a pain.

In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York,
these streets will make you feel brand new,
the lights will inspire you,
lets here it for New York, New York, New York

Can you tell that I am getting excited for a trip that is not even planned yet?!? (btw…I love this song and it is always stuck in my head)


  1. I love to travel and think it is very theraputic. I hope you get to go to NYC...what a great city!!

  2. NYC here you come! That is awesome! Looking forward to my next vacation (no matter how far off)is what gets me through most work days. I am so glad you have something big to look forward to!!

  3. Yay! That's so exciting. I hope you get to go. We just went to NYC for our wedding anniversary and had a blast. :)

  4. let me know if you need restaurant recommendations or anything else while you're here :o)

  5. How exciting! I have a funny feeling you will get that NY trip in November! Something fun to look forward to!



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