Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The results are in…

I am officially a girl and my hubby is officially a boy! YIPPY!

We just finished up with our test results appointment with our RE. Everything is normal. Well, I guess as normal as sitting in your RE’s office after years of treatment without a baby can be.

I think we have a plan – Hubby and I have to chat about it a little more. There are things to consider like should we wait until the new year when my insurance coverage resets and figuring out when we want to go to NYC! I would like us to be on all the prescribed supplements/vitamins for at least three months before doing IVF again (this also means good bye to my beloved diet coke). The Dr agreed with me on that. So that takes us up to starting BCP in October and IVF in November at the earliest.

We currently have a $4500 credit at the RE’s because my insurance company decided to give us some IF coverage for the last cycle. The coverage has now been maxed out. So, if we proceed with IVF this year then we would owe another $6000 plus meds. If we wait until January we would probably only need to pay for meds. I know this sounds like a no brainer but I am having trouble agreeing to wait. I have waited long enough and those last two months might kill me. If we wait until January then we can take our NYC trip in November like planned and we won’t have to worry about IVF meds or anything.

The Dr also said he would be switching my protocol to Lupron - last time I was on Follistim. He thinks the Lupron will help with the number of eggs. Any comments on the two protocols? Anything I should be aware of? They will also shorten my time on BCP’s from three weeks to two weeks. He believes this will help my follicles kick start in the beginning.

That’s it for now…I guess I need to figure out my plan. Is it worth being practical – probably. I guess I shouldn’t try to cram a trip and IVF all in this year and have to pay extra for it.


  1. Lupron gave me headeaches. I took Tylenol and it made no difference. Hopefully that won't be the case with you, but I thought I would give you a heads up. Follistim didn't really have any effects on me (symptom wise).
    Good luck to you and hope everything works no matter what protocol you use. :)

  2. LOL - the first line of your post made me laugh. That is good news for both for you :)

    Lupron isn't really a replacement for follistim - lupron suppresses you (unless it is a micro-dose lupron protocol, but even then you still need a stim) and follistim is a stimulator. What else are you going to be on? menopur? gonal-f? I'm always in favor of changing up protocols - try something new, because you can respond very differently to different combos of meds.

  3. IT'S A GIRL AND A BOY!!! WOOOHOOO! Congrats! :O) You crack me up.

    I know that waiting is the worst, but if you have a date maybe the waiting will not be so bad. Think of all the things you can use with that extra money. A well-needed vacation, extra fun things in NYC, super cool furniture for your nursery next year!

  4. "I am officially a girl and my hubby is officially a boy! "--LOL!! You sure you don't want a second opinion?

    Anyway, normal's GOOD! And waiting might be the more logical step. There's no point in putting yourself into financial ruins over IVF since it does not even guarantee success. Success rates are usually rather poor, averaging at only around 35%. I know it's hard emotionally to wait though for something you really want. Wouldn't it be so much easier if emotions were out of the equation? Sigh! Good luck on deciding!

  5. While no one likes waiting, it probably makes the most financial sense. And you can enjoy a great trip to NYC!!

  6. Lupron is the supressant and Follistim is the stimulater. You will need a supressant and a stimulator. You should find out what else you will be on and for how long. A good website to read up on different protocols is

  7. where you on ganirelix last time? bc lupron would be the replacement for the ganirelix. i'm assuming you'd still be on follistim (which is pure fsh) for the stimulant or maybe menopur instead (pure lh). but it's usually ganirelix OR lupron, as well as menopureand/or gonal-f and/or follistim.

  8. Congrats on getting things right on that most basic genetic level!! Haha! :)

    I understand not wanting to wait at all. But I also imagine that the stress of the out-of-pocket expenses must be exhausting. It's not really alllll that long between november and january. And at least you'd have the holidays to help, right?



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