Monday, July 26, 2010

Typical Monday

Today was a typical Monday. Spent the first part of work trying to read and catch up on everyone’s blogs – sorry I have not had time to comment. I don’t get on the internet over the weekends so I had lots of reading to do today. Our home computer connection is slow and I don’t have much patience for it.

Today I found out that a co-workers daughter is pregnant. He has been dreading telling me because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. He is the only person at my work who knows of my IF struggles. I felt kind of bad that he wanted to be excited to share the news of being a grandpa again but was scared to tell me. But then he was complaining that his daughter has had such bad morning sickness and has to be on IV anti-nausea meds. I didn’t have anything to say because I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. This is her second child and they have no problems conceiving so part of me was happy she was so sick – isn’t that sad. I know I am probably going to HEdoublehockeysticks but IF does this to a person. Once this information sinks in a bit I will be fine with it. I also found out that my favorite nurse at my RE’s is out on maternity leave. I had no idea she was even pregnant. I am happy for her but glad that I never saw her with a pregnant belly.

We have our WTF doctors appointment on Wednesday. I will let you know how that goes and what our plan will be. I am excited to go in and figure everything out!


  1. It's always hard to hear about other prgnt news, but after some time, the bitterness does pass. And you're right, it's what IF has done to us.

    I hope your appt goes well.

  2. I just found out at a dinner with a group of friends that one of the couples is pregnant. There were no announcements but when I heard someone say "Congratulations" to them, I got awfully "suspicious" and I was so down the whole dinner. I just assumed it was about THAT! And it was. They've been trying a long time and I often compared myself to them. Now they are so much further along than me. No matter how much I harden myself to such news, or how happy I am for people, it's always difficult news to take...

    Anyway, I just found your blog and I'm so sorry to read how difficult it's been for you. I will be following your journey.

  3. Hearing other people's pregnancy announcements is always difficult, no matter who it is. It's a little stab to the heart each time. And you are not going to hell. You are completely normal. I promise I have the same reaction you do!

    Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.


  4. No need to apoligize for being MIA on the weekends. My home comoputer is a dinosaur as well.
    You are not alone in that feeling you get when you hear about pregnancies. My heart drops to my stomach everytime I hear one. I hope you get some answers at your appt and hopefully get rid of that feeling very soon...for good!!

  5. Sorry you had such a crappy day...I hate hearing pregnancy announcements. Good luck at your appointment on Wednesday.



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