Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is it the extra estrogen?

OK – so I am assuming it’s all the extra estrogen in my system but my sex drive has gone through the roof the past week. It’s to the point that I am having trouble concentrating at work because I want to get home to my hubby! Has this happened to anyone else or am I going crazy. I don’t think my hubby is complaining though. I am really hoping that he is not to tired tonight 


  1. woo hoo!! I say ENJOY IT!

    Do you have to abstain for so many days before your FET?

  2. Yup - that is estrogen. I often have dreams. I wake up and think - wow! I've heard that sex drive goes up while pregnant - it must be the estrogen.

    And be glad you are not feeling that way and on "pelvic rest" aka no nookie. It is hard!!

  3. I felt that way after my IVF embryo transfer. They said no sex until either we got a negative beta or until the 7 week ultrasound. We lasted 9 days LOL

  4. haha! great to know that I am not alone! At least we can enjoy it until Tuesday!

  5. Enjoy it! At least your hubby can keep up with the demand.

    Have a great weekend! Wonder what you'll be doing?! (haha).



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