Monday, May 10, 2010


I survived the weekend. I knew Sunday was going to be a little annoying but it turned out to be a sucky day. It started off really nice with some quality time with dh. Then off to the Casino to meet up with his aunts, uncles, and grandparents for breakfast. It was nice to see everyone. We lost our shorts gambling though. We have lots of nice and new Indian casinos in our area in Az! If you are ever there at 8am on a Sunday Grandma and Grandpa will buy you breakfast! They are too cute. At breakfast DH’s dad said we should stop by his house because their family dog Sadie was not doing well. She has had some health problems so I wasn’t surprised but it’s really hard for us. This is the cute white lab that my dh bought in collage. She lived with us for years (while dh and I were friends and roommates – another post for another day). Dh had to move in with his parents about 7 years ago and Sadie stayed with them and became the family puppy. I walked into the house after breakfast and the waterworks started. It was so sad to see her lying there still wagging her tail but in obvious decline. She was not eating or drinking. I am not usually a very emotional person so I am going to blame the weepy waterworks on all the estrogen I am on. My dh told me last night that his dad didn’t know what to do with me because it was so out of character. They took her to the vet to have her checked out. The vet said to try a round of antibiotics so they kept her over night to rehydrate. As of yet there is no improvement in her condition so dh and his dad are going there after work to make the decision. I feel so bad for them. My dh’s mom passed away three years ago so Mother’s Day is hard on them already and with Sadie being sick it was like a double whammy. Something good needs to happen for this family soon. I hope it’s my upcoming FET!

I did make it over to my mom’s to hang out with everyone for lunch. I need to call her to apologize because I was not in the most social mood. I kind of kept to myself. I was the first one there and when my mom asked where dh was I burst into tears and told her about Sadie. I am still in a bit of shock of why I couldn’t control my emotions. I think everything was just built up inside me and I might have used Sadie as an excuse to let it all out.

I have my US tomorrow morning so I am hoping all my hormone levels are where they should be and then my transfer will be next week! Glad I have something to look forward to.


  1. Sorry to hear about Sadie. Good luck with your ultrasound tomorrow!!

  2. Poor Sadie. I hope the antibiotics and hydration do the trick.

    Good luck at your u/s!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Sadie. I love Labradors! I hope she gets better with the medicine.

    Good luck tomorrow with the ultrasound!!



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