Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

I am heading in today for my first (and hopefully only) FET at 1pm. I have two good quality frosties…I think they rated them as AAB? Not really sure – I guess I should learn to ask more questions. They thaw the frosites in the morning. I really hope they are both strong and survive the thaw. I think that is my biggest worry right now. I really want to transfer both!

I am not worried about the procedure today; in fact I think it will be pretty simple. Now if only I could just get the embies to snuggle in for the long haul. I will have my first beta test on the 28th but I am sure I will POAS before then – I am not a very patient person. I guess I will either have a super happy Memorial Day weekend or I will be a total bummer who gets to drink a beer at the bbq.

I have the rest of the day off on bed rest after my appointment. My DH promised to take good care of me! He was not able to go with me for my last IVF transfer (my wonderful sister went) so he still owes me big time for that. I am hoping it’s a trip somewhere so he needs to get off his cute tush and start planning something to make it up to me.

I also took Wednesday off from work. I know I don’t need the extra day of bed rest but what the hell. I have acupuncture Tuesday before the transfer then I will head in first thing Wednesday morning. I am going to spend the rest of the day vegging and watching chick flicks! One of my girlfriends also has the day off so she is heading over to veg with me. It will be nice to have some company. She is a nurse so she will take good care of me!


  1. Good luck today! Stick, embies, stick!

  2. Yeah! Finally!! Lots of prayers storming heaven today for you!!

  3. It sounds like we are on the exact same timeline! I've taken 3 days off work..and so far all I have done is watch movies...and eat...and eat....and eat... :)



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