Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you could go anywhere where would you go?

That is the question! I know that I have been set on NYC for our Anniversary trip in November but we were talking and we can go anywhere so why not plan a trip overseas. Everyone always tells us to travel BC (before children) so we are taking their advise!

The only issue is there are so many cool places around the world we can’t decide. We have talked about London, Prague, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Spain, Sweden, Scotland, and Italy…HELP! Have any of you been to any of these places? What did you love/hate about them? Keep in mind this trip will be the end of November - I am totally ok with the cold weather destinations so that won’t bother me. Since we have been married we have traveled to Hawaii, Cabo, Montana, Vegas, Rocky Point, and Chicago. I am ready for my next adventure!



  1. I've been to Prague twice and LOVED it! They are very friendly and open to Americans. We have an exchange student sister from there so we have a "home town" advantage. But we were comfortable enough to go out on the subways with the locals for a few days by ourself.

  2. Hubs and I decided to go to places that are difficult to travel before we have kids, and leave "civilized" countries for children-friendly travel! We're going to Java (Indonesia tomorrow) so it should be an adventure!

    There are so many fantastic places to travel and explore so it's best that you narrow it down to your interests and whether the weather is suitable for the type of holiday you choose in those countries. But since the Euro has fallen, it might be a good idea to head that way now! Europe is essentially full of old architecture so you must love that kind of stuff. New Zealand on the other hand has wonderful natural landscapes. You may want to consider Africa. I loved the safaris there and Namibia is so strikingly beautiful! I was on a forum where we talked about the list of countires we've been and I've been lucky to have had the opportunity to visit many places. Pls feel free to email me if you have any questions abt these destinations: Malaysia, Australia, UK, Malta, France, Germany, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, SouthAfrica, Namibia, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Mexico, Canada, Dubai, USA (California, Arizona,Hawaii, Utah, Nevada), Maldives, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Myanmar, Tunisia, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand,Turkey

    Good luck with your holiday planning!

    PS-Thanks for your question abt the royal jelly. I didn't get mine online- I bought it from my doctor who was offering it to me at 20% off the normal retail price. Yes, the taste is horrible, but we'd do anything for a baby right...?

  3. I actually wasn't a big fan of BC, though we just went there to board our cruise ship and didn't do much sight seeing. We've been to the Amazon rainforest in Peru and we really hope to go back before we have kids, though if you're really afraid of creepy crawlies and extreme humidity then it wouldn't be for you. We'd like to try a trip to an African safari, Australia, or Ireland, though all those except the safari might be kid-friendly. And I hear Ireland is really cheap in November!!

  4. Oh definitely on an Antarctic cruise. Icebergs and whales what an awesome sight.

  5. My vote is for Italy. I'm all about eating awesome food though! :)

  6. I have never been overseas...but one of my Fav places is is beautiful and peaceful:) I went to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone....Breathtaking:)

  7. You've hit on my favorite topic - TRAVEL!! - so this is kinda long...

    I think that I’d be inclined to go somewhere not so child-friendly either. Although, that could be almost anywhere depending on what you like to do. I think that if I could choose anywhere right now I would choose Egypt, China or Peru (I MUST go to Machu Pichu someday). That being said, none of those are the most accessible, so if you do decide on Europe, here are some of my thoughts...

    I live in Spain and absolutely adore it. November is the rainiest month, though, at least in Madrid and it really is best in May or September. But other parts of Spain are great in the winter months – especially the south and the Canary Islands down off Africa.

    I ADORE London. I have been there 5 times and it is probably my very favorite city on earth (though I am admittedly a city girl). There are so many things to see; if you like theater it’s a great place to go and you can easily do day trips to places like Stonehenge or the Roman baths in Bath.

    I really enjoyed Prague. I was only there 3 days or so but really want to go back and I have never met a person who didn't love it.

    My sister lives in Scotland (Edinburgh) and we’ve been there a number of times plus we’ve been to some of the smaller towns over on the west coast. They (my sis and BIL) have travelled quite a bit and the landscapes up further north are incredible. It’ll be cold, though, and dark.

    Italy I also loved. I saw Rome, Venice, and Florence, but was there just a week in all and I really want to go back. There is so much more to see and so many other towns I want to visit. I was there in December and it was cold (especially on the water in Venice) but it wasn’t unbearable. But you might not enjoy the gelato quite so much. We actually bought gelato and took it back to our way-too-hot hotel room to really enjoy it! :)

    Anyway, I think it’s a great idea to really choose a place that you would be excited to visit and that you could view as a plus that comes from this whole experience. I’m jealous!

  8. Oooh, this is a tough question. I'm assuming you are looking to travel, versus going on vacation. I see these as 2 different things - travel is culture, being busy, moving around and seeing lots of stuff. And vacation - relaxing, chill, hang out in a beautiful setting.

    If travel - I'd say Europe if you haven't done that. It is a good travel must-have. I love love love Italy, especially Rome. I've not been to Spain, but it is on my list. Both are lots of history, and really really good food.

    For a combo of travel and vacation, New Zealand is a dream of mine. Such nature! So beautiful! So different from the US! You could combo a beach vacation with more traveling/adventure stuff.

    I love planning trips, I hope you enjoy the search!!

  9. My all time dream vacation would be Australia! Happy planning! Sounds like a fantastic idea!!!!



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