Monday, August 9, 2010

Today is my Thursday!

I just need to make it through tomorrow – than I am off from work for the rest of the week to relax and spend some QT with my hubby. I am really looking forward to five days of doing nothing! It turns out that I should be ovulating this weekend so maybe that might be a little bonus. Even though I know we can’t get pregnant the old school way it will still be fun trying!

We have officially decided to wait until the first of the year to start our second IVF. I will probably call the RE in November to get on their radar. Hopefully, start BCP’s December then IVF the first part of January. I couldn’t justify paying out of pocket for it when I can try to be patient and have our insurance cover most of it. So…now I have five months to wait…this kind of sucks…I guess I will have to blog about other stuff for a while to keep me busy. Since we are waiting for the first of the year that also means that our trip to NYC is a go for November! We will start planning it this week.* I can’t wait. This trip will help keep me excited and occupied while waiting. I think I have some shopping to do! I don’t have anything to wear! (No really…I live in AZ…it doesn’t get colder than like 60 degrees during the days in the winter)

*Hubby got a nice bonus check from work this week – I guess working all those weekends paid off. Now we have enough saved to do the trip up right!


  1. Happy Thursday to you! Enjoy your time off with your hubby. I think it's great that you have your NYC trip to look forward to in November. I always function better when I have stuff to look forward too.

    Do they even sell winter clothes in AZ?! Have fun shopping.

  2. Enjoy your synthetic Friday tomorrow! And have fun with QT (and whatever else!) with the DH. :)

  3. Happy Thursday! Enjoy your QT with hubs.

    Have a great time in NYC. I have never been there, but heard amazing things.

  4. Sweet about the bonus!! Go get some new clothes!

    Sorry you have to wait. I know that it can be hard, but probably the smart thing to do. Why does the smart thing usually suck though?! :O)

    I know how hard it can be to hear everyone in the middle of their treatments or BFP's when it all seems so far away for you. Please feel free to "check out" from my blog if my posts are hard to read. I will not take offense at all! Just know I am thinking about you and still praying your dreams will be answered very soon.

  5. Have a wonderful week off with your husband. I know it sucks to wait to cycle again, but NYC sounds great!!

  6. T - I won't be checking out...It makes me hopeful to hear of other IFers BFP! I will keep reading!

  7. If you ask me, there is no better way to get through a long wait that planning travel! Well, unless it's shopping. Either way it'll be fun, right?



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