Thursday, August 5, 2010

It gets better…

I am meeting my girls from High School for happy hour tonight. Figured it was pretty safe for me since A just had her baby a week ago. I wouldn’t have to deal with all the baby talk or even see her one week post delivery. Well – I was surly wrong. Guess who will be at the happy hour…yep – A. Guess she needs a break from the kiddos and wants to see all us girls. Glad I found out ahead of time just too mentally prepare. I know it will be fine, A has been very understanding of me and my situation and hardly even talks about her kids/pregnancy to me. She even sent me a separate email back in January telling me that she was pregnant and even apologized for it. I really hate that I am pitied and people feel they need to tip toe around and apologize for their happiness. IF is ruining me….

So, wish me luck at happy hour tonight! There will be six of us and all but two (the other is also struggling with IF) have kids. It’s a bit funny though…they all think that I have this fabulously wonderful, fun life with an amazing husband. Don’t get me wrong – I have a great life and an amazing husband but it’s put in this weird pedestal in their eyes. I guess everyone wants what they can’t have…I am sure none of them would give up their kids for a life like mine but I can tell they are a little envious.


  1. good luck! you are braver than I am.

  2. You're right, we always tend to want what we can't have. Enjoy your happy hour!!

  3. Hope the Happy Hour went well and you didn't have to dodge too many bullets! It's probably good to at least be reminded on occasion of all that we do have and a great life and an amzaing husband is something to be proud of!!

  4. SO how was it? Hopefully better than you were expecting.

    Thanks for shraing the name. It is actually one I heard lately that I liked! HA! Don't worry I do not take offense. I think I just really liked the little girl! :O)



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