Thursday, June 3, 2010

How Ironic

Infertility is a gift that keeps on giving. I have always had a touch of Melasma (aka the mask of pregnancy) – something I inherited from my mother. Its dark spots on your face – cheeks, forehead, nose and upper lip. I have always referred to these lovingly as my spots. Well, they have gotten darker and bigger this past year from all the hormones. I would wear these spots with pride if they were from pregnancy… but I am on a mission to get rid of them. My self-esteem could really use a boost about now so I started to check into this. There are two treatments…the first is a cream that my dermatologist told me three years ago I shouldn’t use while TTC the second is a fraxel laser procedure and it takes 3-5 sessions. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until I tell you the cost…$700 a treatment. My spots are bad so I am sure I would need all five treatments. We are planning on spending our savings on the next IVF so I guess I will have to live with these spots right now. Someday, I will save enough to get rid of them. Oh the joys of being IF…I wonder if people wonder why I have the mask of pregnancy with no baby?

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  1. hey there - sorry about your FET results. i'm curious what your doctor will say to you during the wtf appt. hopefully, just bad luck and the next time will be *it*.

    my sister and her hubby are DINKS, and proud of it. me - no thanks! someone just had her 3rd baby and ppl in the office are screaming about it. it's her THIRD baby. big whoop. why are *some* ppl so freakin fertile and the rest of us try sooo hard and can't get knocked up to save our lives? it makes health class in 7th grade seem like a joke. condoms? what??



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