Monday, June 28, 2010

Still Waiting...

We have another four weeks to wait until we meet up with our doctor again. I am curious to find out the results of all our blood work. I think my dh is convinced we have a chromosomal issue. I have no idea what to expect during the next visit. I really hope it’s nothing and something at the same time. I don’t want to find out we have an issue that can’t be fixed but at the same time it would be nice to know why all this is not working. I guess I just need to relax (ha) and wait out the next four weeks…there is nothing we can do right now to change the outcome. We will just keep taking all our supplements hoping they are doing something to help!

We hung out with some friends Saturday night and one of the couples there was friends of a friend. It was their first night out after having a baby two months ago. I made it a point to stay away from her…I didn’t want to hear any of the stories. In fact I don’t even know if they had a boy or a girl. I consider the night a success. We went to a new night club at the casino. We are not night club people but it was fun to people watch. We ended up staying out a little too late and now I am tired at work today. It always takes me a couple days to recover – I need my sleep.


  1. People watching is the best. And I do think you are perfectly within your right not to socialize with new parents. All they do is talk about it making it more of an emotional reaction for you. I would have avoided them too. I have friends who had problems with infertility. It is a tough one.

  2. I hope your results will provide some answers! I love me some people watching. It's the best thing ever!

    I hope you get to catch up on your sleep!

  3. Hope you get some answers! I'm glad you were avoiding the new-mom. I do that sometimes too, good to know I'm not the only one!

  4. It sounds like you had a great time this weekend. I'm so glad. Here's hoping you get a chance to catch up on your sleep and that the next month until your appointment goes by fast.

  5. I hope you get answers very soon. Waiting is the worst!
    We definitely have chrmosomal issues. However with PGD they were still able to find two perfect embryos. So even if that is the case there still is hope!!

  6. *fingers crossed* that all your bloodwork comes back normal!!! i'm soo glad you stayed away from the new-mom. i would've waited for her to sit and then picked the chair furthest from her!! i hereby vow to talk about more than just my baby when i'm a mom :o)



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