Monday, June 7, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend! We sure did and I am still feeling the effects from Saturday night today. I am not 21 anymore and I don’t bounce back. We attended my nephew’s high school graduation party. I can’t believe he is heading to collage in the fall - that makes me feel really old. We had a couple beers at the party then headed home…which would have been fine but on our way home our friends called. Their AC went out and when that happens in Arizona you can’t stay at your house until it’s fixed. So, they headed over with their two puppies and we played games and had a few more beers. It was a fun night but it made for a lazy Sunday.

My WTF appointment with my doctor is on Thursday. I have been thinking of what questions I have for him. Here is what I have so far…any suggestions on what I have missed?
1)What additional testing will be done? Chromosomal? Implantation? Estrogen levels?
2)What is his recommendation for us? Try IVF again in three months or what?
3)What can we do to improve sperm/egg quality? Vitamins or acupuncture for both of us?
4)If we move on to IVF#2 what adjustments would be made to my protocol?
5)Can we still enroll in the money back IVF guarantee program? We didn’t do it the first time because we were sure that IVF#1 would work for us. We were wrong!


  1. i dont know how your ovarian reserve is (sorry, i haven't had enough time to go back and read your whole story) but i read recently on julize blog ( that people with low ovarian reserve make better eggs with minimal stimulation. i only have one ovary so im in that category by default, but i can tell you that out first IVF (min stim) we had 5 beautiful eggs which all fert beautifully! IVF 2 (extra meds) we got 7 eggs which were all shit - only one fert normally and BFN. take it for what it's worth-i know everyone is different. and from the bottom of my heart, im wishing you all the luck in the world! now im off to google FSP! LOL

  2. Hi...just found you from the Tuesday Tag a Long. I wish the best in becoming pregnant!!! Keep positive thoughts.




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