Monday, June 14, 2010

WTF Appointment

We went to our WTF appointment on Thursday. The appointment went how I thought it would. Our doctor started reviewing our history of our IVF / FET results and is still shocked why it didn’t work. The embryos were pretty but that doesn’t mean they were healthy or chromosomally normal. The Doctor reviewed some causes and testing he would like us to do…Karyotype (which is the genetic chromosome testing), Thrombophillia disorders, and Autoimmune Disorders. He doesn’t think any of these will be positive but it doesn’t hurt to test. DH only has to test for the Karyotype. We will meet with the doctor again in a month to review all the test results. Barring no major discoveries we will probably try one more IVF in the fall. He gave DH a list of vitamins to take to improve sperm quality (Vitamins E & C, Acetyl Carnitine, and L-Carnitine). I need to head to Hi Health at lunch today! He also gave us an article on Management of Recurrent Early Pregnancy Loss. It’s pretty interesting and goes through all the different causes and clinical considerations/recommendations. Let me know if you would like a copy.

I went to the lab on Friday for my blood draw. Some of these tests are special and need to be frozen and shipped so they couldn’t do it at the doctor’s office. They drew 10 viles of blood from me…I am still shocked they needed so many. I guess it’s good they are being thorough.

Now for the semi good news from the appointment. The first half of our meeting the Dr kept commenting on how great our insurance coverage was. I was a bit confused and wondering why coverage for diagnostic testing was such a great thing. He then pointed out that my chart said I have IVF coverage – what the F#CK? We chatted with their finance guy and he said that when they initially called about my coverage for IVF #1 they were told I was not covered. That is the same thing my insurance company told me when I called. Starting IVF#1 we wrote them a check for $10k. It turns out that they accidently submitted something during IVF#1 and it was covered. So they started to submit everything. I have $2000 a year covered for IVF. I know that doesn’t sound like much but it helps. I now have a $5000 credit at my RE’s. The first $5000 covered IVF#1 and our FET. My hubby thinks it’s too good to be true and we will get a bill from our insurance company in the mail. I think once they say it’s approved they can’t change their mind. We will see how it plays out!


  1. Every penny helps! $2K a year is a nice bonus. I'm sorry for all of the other stuff you are going through right now. Hang in there.

  2. so glad it went well and for the added boost of some insurance! hoping that it moves along well and soon this IF will be a thing of the past!

  3. I hope all the testing results in good news. That's great that the insurance covers something! It's those little unexpected surprises that makes the journey a little easier sometimes.

  4. that's totally awesome about the coverage!! yaay for good news! i'm glad you're RE is doing a bunch of extra testing, bc you know i'm a believer in "if it can't hurt, why not?". glad the meeting was productive and you guys have a plan :o)

  5. That is fantastic news!! I am so jealous?

    Good luck with all of your tests!! Did your doc mention PGD testing for the next IVF?



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