Thursday, June 24, 2010

The magic of blogging

I think I get it…blogging that is. I have been blogging for two months now. Before that I was a lurker for about a year. I have never been one to write anything down especially my feelings. I am not a very emotional girl or at least before IF I was not very emotional. I have cried more tears the last three years than I ever imagined possible. Yesterday, I was stressed and emotional at work then I posted about it and all the stress and emotion went away. It was like I put it out there and was able to move past it. I am amazed and now I GET IT! Thank you for the supportive comments. Being an infertile is a special yet sucky club and though I didn’t want to join I am proud to be here with all of you amazing women. This club has led me to find some strong and beautiful women that I would have never met.

On a side note, I realized that my dh is really stressed at work right now and I am totally PMSing. We will chat more about IVF after his work calms down a bit and when I am not overly emotional. I believe we both want the same things in life so I am not going to stress about it now. We still need to see what our test results say before we really plan anything.


  1. for some reason your posts aren't updating in my blogroll until way way after the fact!

    i can totally empathize with you about your convo with dh. what on earth would guys rather spend money on IF NOT A BABY? i've learned not to have these conversations until i'm (a) perfectly calm - beyond calm, rather and (b) when dh is completely relaxed and stress free at work. otw, it just leads to disaster.

    sending you big hugs!!

  2. We are glad you are here and I am glad we were able to help. I know that sometimes a few kind words can make all the difference.

  3. well i hop everything works out for you on the baby front.

  4. Blogging is AWESOME... I started blogging as a way to just relieve my stress... and the people I follow and those that follow me have given me support that I never expected... isn't technology great... :)

  5. I have found such comfort in blogging and having other women such as yourself to "talk" to.



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