Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I really hated being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)

I know that we should try to enjoy our PUPO time during the craziness of treatments but it is my least favorite part. It makes me feel like a total fraud. I may be alone in this feeling but I hate walking around pretending or hoping I am pregnant and making my husband wait on me (which he does really well). All I can think about is how much it sucks that I am a total fake pretending that I am pregnant when odds say that I am not. I don’t want to pretend…I only want to act pregnant when I am pregnant. I want to eat feta cheese and lunch meats until it’s proven that I can’t. Sorry for the rant today…I just have really bad cramps and I feel like I went through IVF and FET just to have a really heavy period. I will be better tomorrow.

I set up my WTF appointment for next Thursday. At least I have something to look forward to! Any advice on what questions I should be asking at this stage in our IF?


  1. I know what you mean. Why do we have to give up the stuff that we enjoy for two weeks while we wait to see if the cycle even worked? And is having feta cheese or lunch meat REALLY going to affect the outcome of the pregnancy test? It seems like such a sacrifice for such a big disapointment when we get that BFN. But, we do it because there is the slightest HOPE, that life is being developed inside us.

    Good luck with the follow up appt. I don't think there's much they can tell you from the first failed cycle, but the dr will talk about what he would change for the next cycle. And if you are getting testing done, he will go over that. I hope it all goes well!

  2. I'm answering your question from my blog.

    They only do two betas.... I was supposed to do a 6 week ultrasound next week but I had to move it up to 7 weeks because of my job.



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