Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm in a sad mood...

I think I can tell that Aunt Flow is coming soon because I am very emotional today. Last night we were lying in bed and I mentioned something about IVF#2 possibly starting in three months and my dh didn’t respond how I thought he was going to. He asked if we are for sure doing another and asked me if I would just rather save that money for other things. I said “I thought we were” and his response was “do I get a say in this?” I was crushed and didn’t respond. I guess I thought we were on the same page. It’s all that I have been thinking about today. I’m upset because I figured we would have our second wtf appointment in July to review our test results and give IVF one more try after three months of dh being on all the supplements that may help sperm quality. I just don’t feel I can give up trying to get pregnant yet. I am starting to wonder if going to counseling would benefit us. We are not a couple that fights but it seems like our communication has gone downhill the past couple months. I am the type of person that needs a plan to think about and work towards. I guess if IVF is not our plan I need to know so I can focus planning some other things…like a fabulous vacation and getting the spots on my face lasered off!


  1. Sorry your having such a hard time. Have you thought of adoption? I know It's not the same but there are babies/kids that need a loving home and you seem like such a nice person and someone able to give that love to a baby child w/o parents!

  2. It is tough for couples trying to get pregnant. I feel for you. He may be as stressed as you, but he doesn't express it in the same way. Hang in there, you're still young enough to persevere.

  3. So sorry your having such a hard time with getting pregnant. some times it helps to just relax and not put the pressure on then miracles happen.

  4. Wow, some of these comments really irk me. People have a lot of nerve giving advice when they don't know what the hell they are talking about. Getting pregnant isn't easy for a lot of people and "just adopting" or "just relaxing" aren't solutions. Unreal.

    My advice is to step back for a couple of weeks and don't bring it up. Then, ask him to sit down and talk about it together once you've had a chance to organize your thoughts. It shouldn't be you trying to convince him of your point of view or vice versa. It should be both of you opening up to one another about your thoughts, fears, etc. on pursuing further treatment.

    Good luck, girl. If you ever need anything, my e-mail is fromiftowhen at gmail dot com.

  5. Oh honey! (((HUGS))) I've had times like these with my husband...where I had one idea and he had another. I was thinking with my heart and he was thinking with our bank account in mind. You know what? I think counseling would help because this isn't everyday stuff you are going through. It's hard stuff! In fact I would say seek out a counselor soon so that the lines of communication can be open asap and you guys can work towards a common path. Good luck to you. Sorry for your sad day, whoa have I been there. :(



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